Democracy Deserves a Vote Campaign

Faith in Democracy Forum

This grasstops forum on July 21-22 (with a Catholic vigil on July 20th!) is the keystone of our summer campaign to pass the For the People Act into law. The goal of the Forum is to raise awareness among lawmakers about the deep concerns and broad national engagement by the faith community in advocating for democracy reforms.

We are in a critical moment this summer to pass the For the People Act if reforms are to impact the redistricting process and the 2022 election. Our “Faith In Democracy Forum” demonstrates the consistent engagement by the faith-community to ensure civic participation and to advocate for the well-being of our democracy. Congress must do its part to pass the For the People Act.

July 20

For the People Act Teach-In

7:30 p.m. | Recording

This live teach-in put on by Franciscan Action Network and Sisters of Mercy will provide background on voter suppression in the U.S. and highlight current efforts to push back against restrictive voting bills in many states. We will provide an overview of the bill and encourage action over the few weeks.

July 21

Engaging in the 2020 Election

11 a.m. | Recording

PCUSA Office of Public Witness hosted this conversation to answer questions from viewers about voting in a pandemic. Concerns about voter participation are due to fears of catching COVID, anxieties about divisive rhetoric around the election, lack of Congressional funding for local election administrators, and confusion about the logistics of casting the ballot. 

Tell your own democracy story session

12 p.m. | Recording

Tell your story about why you believe in and are willing to fight for democracy, the Constitution, and the For the People Act. In this episode of the Bible Study for Progressives podcast host Rich Procida and Elly Levi, an attorney and immigrant from Israel, share their own democracy stories to model how. Listeners learn pro-tips and are invited to craft their democracy story in their authentic voice for use in advocacy to pass the For the People Act.

Faith & Fire Conversations 2.0: Faith in the Public Square

1 p.m. | Recording

This live session of National Council of Church's Faith & Fire Series will be “Faithful Democracy: U.S. Voting Rights and DC Statehood." Panelists discuss the historical and present actions needed to pass meaningful federal legislation: The For the People Act, the John Lewis Voter Rights Act, the Democracy Restoration Act, and DC Statehood.

Promote the vote, Protect the vote: A conversation with Stacey Abrams

2 p.m. | Recording

A scheduled viewing from the National Council of Jewish Women, prior to the 2020 election Stacey Abrams and Sheila Katz discuss the importance of the upcoming election, ways to combat voter suppression efforts, and the importance of the 2020 Census.

Ethical Government For The People

3 p.m. | Recording

Join the Mormon Women for Ethical Government (MWEG) and the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) for this live panel discussion about the importance of ethics in governance. Panelists consider the role of ethics in preserving democracy from the perspective of policy, grassroots, and faith communities.

Celebrating Faithful Democracy as Black History: A Town Hall

4 p.m. | Recording

National Council of Churches, Center for Common Ground, NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice and the Brennan Center for Justice participated in this Town Hall to celebrate the legacy of African Americans on making our democracy better align with our nation's ideals. Learn about grassroots efforts, policy reforms, and federal legislation that would carry this legacy forward.

For the people act: for people of faith

5 p.m. | Recording

This interfaith democracy discussion was hosted by Arizona Faith Network (AFN), Arizona African American Christian Clergy Coalition (AACCC), and Faithful Democracy. Learn about the For the People Act and how it would address harmful Arizona anti-voter legislation by ensuring basic standards of access apply nationwide as the law of the land. Panel includes policy discussion interspersed with prayer from different faith traditions.

Voting rights for a faithful democracy

6 p.m. | Recording

A digital workshop presented by the Episcopal Church on protecting and guaranteeing voting rights. Panelists discussed federal legislation before Congress that would restore elements of the 1965 Voting Rights Act and that would create a baseline standard for voting access across the country. Learn about challenges and barriers for voters with disabilities and what can be done to protect their freedom to vote.

NETWORK Community Conversation: The State of Voting Rights

7 p.m. | RSVP

Join NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice for a conversation on the state of voting rights across the country today. NETWORK staff, faith leaders and voting rights activists will share the about their work in the 2020 election, and about the impacts of recent voting restriction efforts in certain states. Small groups will gather to share your own reflections and stories.

Our faith out vote issue education series: Voting rights

8 p.m. | Recording

This pre-election discussion hosted by the United Church of Christ (UCC) looked at the important challenges facing GOTV efforts in the midst of a deadly pandemic. Guests from the Presbyterian Church Office of Public Witness and Faithful Democracy joined the UCC on this panel about what people should expect, new challenges to casting the ballot, and how Congress should better support local and state election officials to accommodate the needs and concerns of voters during COVID-19.

July 22

Filibuster Teach-In

11:30 a.m. | Recording

Are you confused, worried, and/or frustrated by the Senate filibuster? This live panel with guests from Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice, the Religious Action Center for Reformed Judaism (the RAC), Faith in Public Life, and Faithful Democracy will look at the history and reality of the rule as it stands. Different faith-based organizations arrived at different positions about how to approach the filibuster in order to allow for passage of the For the People Act. Hear the pros and cons for reform and elimination. You will hear messaging and talking points for each so that you can engage in this important national discussion.

Faith in Democracy Forum

1 p.m. | Recording

This live forum from Faith in Public Life will be addressing key members of Congress and their staff about urgently needed democracy reforms. Local and national faith leaders will tell their stories and demand action now to protect the right to vote and pass the For The People Act. Join us in conversation about why protecting voting rights cannot wait.

Faithful Democracy Workshop

2 p.m. | Recording

The Faith In Democracy advocacy workshop is live with Amy Jo Hutchinson, Faithful Democracy's West Virginia organizer. Attend this "train-the-trainer" workshop to hear how she ties the reforms of the For the People Act to traditional faith-based values of community, leadership, and service using examples from West Virginia. Learn how people of faith can offer this workshop in their own communities and get involved to pass S.1!


3 p.m. | Recording

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, The Wisconsin Council of Churches and Wisconsin Faith Voices for Justice started a project called My Faith, My Vote, My Story to get people involved while social distancing. They invited members to record a short video sharing why their faith tradition leads them to work so that everyone has the right to vote and have a voice. Join us at a scheduled viewing to listen to their stories.

Post-election prayer vigil

4 p.m. | Recording

With the recent disturbing revelations about post-election chaos in the White House, it is helpful to reflect upon how close our democracy came to a Constitutional, dangerous crisis last November. Revisit that time with the faith community: Friday, November 6th, 2020. The ballots are cast but the results are far from finalized. A tense nation is on edge. Faithful Democracy offers this viewing of our prayer vigil that night so we do not lose sight of the fragility of democracy.

The fight to vote: A discussion on voting rights

5 p.m. | Recording 

The United Methodist Church and Society convened a conversation in early 2021 on voting rights and the updated documentary Suppressed: The Fight to Vote (now with include footage from the 2020 election). The film discussion includes reflections from the film's director Robert Greenwald along with faith leaders from Ohio and Florida.

Jewish Women Vote Shabbat Celebration!

6 p.m. | Recording

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW), Hadassah, and Jewish Women International (JWI) welcome Shabbat and get excited about voting in the final weeks before the 2020 election. Our vote is our voice and it is incumbent on all of us to do everything in our power to ensure every voice is heard in our democracy.

Action of immediate witness - stop Voter suppression and partner for voting rights and a multiracial democracy

7 p.m. | Recording

On June 26 the Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly approved an Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) to Stop Voter Suppression and Partner for Voting Rights and a Multiracial Democracy. It calls our congregations to organize and activate our faith to call, write, witness, and advocate for relevant national legislation, including the For the People Act (S.1), the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act (pending), and The Washington, D.C. Admission Act (S.51). Learn more about this AIW and how you can support it at this live event hosted by Unitarian Universalists for Social Justice.

West Virginia "Sweet Hours of Prayer" Charleston Worship Service

8 p.m. | Recording

In Charleston, leaders of several local churches began the day with a discussion in the labyrinth at St. Mark's United Methodist Church. Area residents then held vigil throughout the day in continuous silent prayer for the future of American democracy, before coming together for a joint worship service that evening. Sister vigils were held the same day in four other locations where faith leaders highlighted the threats to American democracy and called on the U.S. Senate to pass the For the People Act.  

Texas "Let My People Go" Rally for Voting Rights

9 p.m. | Scheduled Viewing

Our state partners with Texas Impact: People of Faith Working for Justice partnered with secular good governance advocates to speak out for voting rights at the Texas Capitol during the July 2021 special Texas legislative session. Hundreds of Texans of faith from across the State gather to defend voting rights and oppose efforts to limit voting. Attendees urge Texas lawmakers to “Hit Reset” on Voting Laws.


'Go For the Gold' Local Democracy Events

These grassroots local actions to pass the For the People Act (S.1/H.R.1) - taking place July 23rd thorugh August 8th - will follow the Faith in Democracy Forum and coincide with the Olympic Games. Coordinated by people of faith in their communities, the theme "Go For The Gold" is a nod to the For the People Act as the gold-standard of democratic reforms.

Voters Covenant

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Our faith-based partners unite around the Voters Covenant, Faithful Democracy’s statement of principles. Endorsement of the Covenant is a public statement of support for our shared concerns and our democratic mission. By endorsing the Voters Covenant, your organization, house of worship, congregation, or faith-based group 1) agrees to be publicly listed as part of our network and 2) indicates a willingness to engage—as availability and capacity allow—in our collective advocacy efforts to further the mission. Faithful Democracy will not release any statements, press releases, letters or other communications on behalf of endorsers unless they have affirmatively opted-in.

Get Involved

Are you an individual who agrees with the principles of the Voters Covenant? Join the mission by taking action to support a more faithful democracy and by staying informed about coalition activities.