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Faith Coalition Calls for Divine Intervention to Move Voting Rights Bill(s) In Senate

Sr. Quincy Howard: “This result was expected, and this is not the final outcome. People of faith now look to divine intervention to move in the Senate.” October 22, 2021

Interfaith Democracy Coalition Applauds Introduction of Freedom to Vote Act, Urges Passage

Sr. Quincy Howard: “The faith community’s steadfast commitment to achieving meaningful voting rights protections is showing results.” September 14, 2021

Faith Leaders Welcome House Introduction of John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act; Call for Immediate Passage of H.R. 4

Sr. Quincy Howard: “Even as the urgency of restoring the VRA grows, bipartisan support to protect the freedom to vote has shamefully dwindled.” August 20, 2021

National Interfaith Coalition Calls For Democrats to Pass the For the People Act

Sr. Quincy Howard: “It is time for President Biden and others in the Senate to acknowledge that Republicans have forfeited their place as good faith partners in protecting our democracy.” August 11, 2021

Interfaith Forum to Highlight Need to Pass Democracy Reforms

Sr. Quincy Howard, OP: “The faith community is deeply concerned and fully engaged in the health of our democracy.” July 20, 2021

Faith Community Urges Bold Leadership to Pass Democracy Reforms

Sr. Quincy Howard, OP: “The faith community calls on President Biden to show bold leadership to save our democracy.” July 13, 2021

Arizona, West Virginia, and National Faith Leaders Decry Senate Filibuster of For the People Act

Sr. Quincy Howard, OP: “Each and every Senator who refused to debate democracy reforms is failing in their duty.” June 22, 2021

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