The 2020 Sacred Season of Voting

Faithful Democracy invites you to participate in a multi-faith voter action campaign from Thursday, October 1st through the election. Each week, the Faithful Democracy Campaign will prepare a simple toolkit with strategic GOTV messaging, social media, and reflections grounded in key religious markers to communicate the significance of this season of voting to people of faith.

Each week we will pull from themes of holy celebrations observed by our multi-faith partners, including Sukkot, the Feast of St. Francis and St. Luke, Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif, Navaratri, and the Feast of All Saints.  Weekly reflections are combined with messaging around key election benchmarks, online resources, and helpful tips that can be shared on social media.

Join us in celebrating this Sacred Season of Voting!

Week 5: The Final Push Before Election Day

The fifth week of the Sacred Season of Voting begins with a remarkable benchmark of 60 million ballots cast early by American voters. This week will center on pushing out and lifting up opportunities to exercise the right to vote, before Election Day comes, at which point it will be too late to vote remotely. Luckily, it is not too late to vote early.

As we celebrate this historic record, we look to the Muslim celebration of Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif for further reflection on the 2020 election.

Week 4: Keep Faith in Early Voting

This week our messaging centers again on early voting, which has taken new life under COVID with nearly 30 million voters having already cast their ballots. 2020 is a hopeful embrace of elections where voting takes place over multiple weeks, thus making the ballot more accessible to larger numbers of voters. This week will also dive into resources around election security. Maintaining confidence is key. People of faith are called to bolster faith in our democratic systems and patience as the election process unfolds.

This fourth week, we join our Hindu friends in reflecting on Navratri, the Festival of Nine Nights, which marks a most auspicious moment in the lunar calendar according to Hinduism.


Week 3: Early Voting Is Here

This week our messaging centers on early voting, which has taken new life under COVID with more than 10 million voters having already cast their ballots. It is with new hope that we embrace elections where voting takes place over multiple weeks, thus making the ballot more accessible to large numbers of voters.

This third week we look to our Christian and Hindu sisters and brothers in faith for inspiration with the Feast of Saint Luke and the beginning of Navratri, the Hindu Festival of Nine Nights.

Week 2: My Voter Plan Part II

As election day approaches, so does our faith that voters across the country will cast their ballot early, safely, and according to their values. Week 2 continues to remind audiences of the importance of planning well in advance of the election through #MyVoterPlan Part II. In the midst of uncertainty, we have the power to ensure our votes are counted. Voters should make a plan now to vote and make their voice heard. 

This second week of the Sacred Season we return to our Jewish sisters and brothers for inspiration with the culmination of Sukkot and the celebration of Simchat Torah.

Week 1: My Voter Plan Part I

This tool-kit begins a spirited month of action with a reminder of the opportunities available to mobilize, educate and inspire as voters turn their minds to voting. It is still early in the season and there is ample opportunity to energize, inform, register, protect and inspire communities to vote in the 2020 election.

This first week of the Sacred Season of Voting looks to our Jewish sisters and brothers’ celebration of Sukkot and to the Feast of St. Francis in our Christian tradition for inspiration.

Unheard Voices: A Faithful Democracy Toolkit

Faithful Democracy’s Unheard Voices educational campaign includes a series of toolkit chapters for individuals and communities of faith ready to take a hard look at the state of our democracy. Each chapter is a comprehensive education and advocacy tool for the faith community to prepare and mobilize around specific aspects of our democratic systems that urgently need attention or reform. Unheard Voices offers a multi-faith lens with applicable faith leader quotes and scripture, prayer, reflection questions and other resources.

Chapter 1: Voting Rights and Disenfranchisement (November 2019)

Take a deep dive into the history of the franchise since the founding of the nation. Interactive activities and reflection questions offer unique insights into the historical—and modern—ways that federal policies have expanded and protected voting rights and the backslide since 2013 which has led to massive voter disenfranchisement.

Chapter 2: Money in Politics — the Root of All Evil (January 2020)

Learn why the outsized influence of money on our political system and our decision-makers is a serious concern for people of faith. Interactive activities, points of reflection and quotes from sacred texts and faith traditions connect the dots between today’s campaign financing systems and the moral struggle against abuse of power.

Chapter 3: Census 2020: Laying the Democratic Foundation (March 2020)

The Census decennial lays the foundation for the people’s representation in Congress by counting the total population nationwide and in states. This chapter highlights how important it is to get a complete count every ten years and why failure to capture populations in hard-to-count communities has moral implications for a representative democracy.

Chapter 4: Faithful Elections in COVID (August 2020)

Be prepared for the most historic and complicated election in modern history! Our most recent chapter is a comprehensive resource devoted to Faithful Elections in COVID to help voters and citizens understand, navigate, and engage around the biggest challenges in November’s election. Not only are voting rights at stake, but public health and safety are new concerns that make navigating election rules in COVID important to people of faith.

Voters Covenant

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