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Faithful Reforms: 2-Page Explainers

Faithful Democracy offers these short explainers about key federal democracy reforms being considered by Congress.  We explain what's the matter, why the faith community cares and how key reforms would address the issue in a faithful way.

Starting with our elections system and reforms to modernize and set standards of accessibility, we walk you through the key reforms needed to make our democracy more faithful to its ideals. Download 2-pagers below.


NEW: Faith In Democracy Workshop!

Faithful Democracy developed this hourlong introductory workshop for interfaith audiences interested in  justice and democratic representation. The discussion considers what faith traditions tell us about values of community and leadership. It then outlines common injustices pervasive in our democratic systems and how reforms in the For the People Act address them. The Faith In Democracy workshop is meant to be easily replicated to engage faith-based audiences regardless of tradition.

View our workshop slides and contact Alannah@faithfuldemocracy.us to discuss best-practices and get access to the full slide deck with facilitator notes. 

Unheard Voices: A Faithful Democracy Toolkit

Faithful Democracy’s Unheard Voices educational campaign includes a series of toolkit chapters for individuals and communities of faith ready to take a hard look at the state of our democracy. Each chapter is a comprehensive education and advocacy tool for the faith community to prepare and mobilize around specific aspects of our democratic systems that urgently need attention or reform. Unheard Voices offers a multi-faith lens with applicable faith leader quotes and scripture, prayer, reflection questions and other resources.

Chapter 1: Voting Rights and Disenfranchisement (November 2019)

Take a deep dive into the history of the franchise since the founding of the nation. Interactive activities and reflection questions offer unique insights into the historical—and modern—ways that federal policies have expanded and protected voting rights and the backslide since 2013 which has led to massive voter disenfranchisement.

Chapter 2: Money in Politics — the Root of All Evil (January 2020)

Learn why the outsized influence of money on our political system and our decision-makers is a serious concern for people of faith. Interactive activities, points of reflection and quotes from sacred texts and faith traditions connect the dots between today’s campaign financing systems and the moral struggle against abuse of power.

Chapter 3: Census 2020: Laying the Democratic Foundation (March 2020)

The Census decennial lays the foundation for the people’s representation in Congress by counting the total population nationwide and in states. This chapter highlights how important it is to get a complete count every ten years and why failure to capture populations in hard-to-count communities has moral implications for a representative democracy.

Chapter 4: Faithful Elections in COVID (August 2020)

This was the most historic and complicated election in modern history! Our most recent chapter is a comprehensive resource devoted to Faithful Elections in COVID meant to help voters and citizens understand, navigate, and engage around the biggest challenges in November’s election. Not only were voting rights at stake, but public health and safety were new concerns that made navigating election rules in COVID a risky endeavor.

The 2020 Sacred Season of Voting

Faithful Democracy's Sacred Season of Voting was a multi-faith voter action campaign from October 1st through the election. Each week, a simple toolkit was posted for use by our faith-based partners looking to provide strategic GOTV messaging, resources, and social media for their members.  Weekly reflections were grounded in key religious markers to communicate the significance of this season of voting and the importance of democratic participation for people of faith.

Each week pulled from themes of holy celebrations observed by our multi-faith partners, including Sukkot, the Feast of St. Francis and St. Luke, Mawlid al-Nabi al-Sharif, Navaratri, and All Souls Day.  

Voters Covenant

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Our faith-based partners unite around the Voters Covenant, Faithful Democracy’s statement of principles. Endorsement of the Covenant is a public statement of support for our shared concerns and our democratic mission. By endorsing the Voters Covenant, your organization, house of worship, congregation, or faith-based group 1) agrees to be publicly listed as part of our network and 2) indicates a willingness to engage—as availability and capacity allow—in our collective advocacy efforts to further the mission. Faithful Democracy will not release any statements, press releases, letters or other communications on behalf of endorsers unless they have affirmatively opted-in.

Get Involved

Are you an individual who agrees with the principles of the Voters Covenant? Join the mission by taking action to support a more faithful democracy and by staying informed about coalition activities.