Matters of Faith

Explore our Matters of Faith resource page for stories, analyses and reflections on the moral imperative of democracy reforms with the mission of the faith community.  How do reforms in the For the People Act meet the democratic needs of the nation and why is it of concern to people of faith?

How Religion Can Help Put Our Democracy Back Together

The Washington Post

Washington Post Magazine features Faithful Democracy in considering what faith has to offer in restoring our democracy. (16 min. read)

It’s too difficult for ‘ordinary’ people to run for office.

America Magazine

Bipartisan campaign finance reforms that were passed in 2002 were gutted by the Citizens United ruling. Read how the faith community and the For the People Act can make them stick this time. (5 min. read)

Town Hall: Faithful Democracy as Black History

Faithful Democracy

The coalition ended Black History Month by discussing the legacy of the Black community on advancing an inclusive democracy. Includes prayer, preaching, policy talk and a call to action for passage of the For the People Act to honor that legacy.   (55 min. video)

The Pro-Democracy Faith Movement

Center for American Progress Report

This report, featuring Faithful Democracy, outlines the principles and highlight the diversity of values that underpin the faith-based pro-democracy movement. (25 min. read)

Statement on the Principles of Democracy

New America

Leading democratic scholars outline how reforms in HR1/S1 would better align our systems to democratic ideals. (4 min. read)

Impact of Select H.R.1 / S.1 Policy Changes on Black and Brown Political Power


Resource highlighting the racial equity benefits from reforms in HR1/S1. (slideshow)

Trump's Capitol Mob Lends Senate Democrats the Momentum to Enact Historic Reforms

NBC News

How the January 6th Insurrection set the table for the reforms in the For the People Act. (7 min. read)

How to Fight Climate Change and Fascists at the Same Time

The New Republic

Why democracy reform is the first step towards a sustainable future and addressing the common good. (6 min. read)

H.R.1 for Dummies

The Bulwark

A layman’s guide to understanding what the For the People Act is and why America needs it. (10 min. read)

The Dangers of Christian Nationalism

Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty

The podcast series on the dangers of Christian Nationalism is a deep dive into the distortions that contributed to the Jan. 6th insurrection. (2 min preview)

What is Christian Nationalism?

Baptist Joint Commission for Religious Liberty

This one-page resource is an overview of Christian nationalism and how researchers measure it.

Voters Covenant

Endorse Our Principles

Our faith-based partners unite around the Voters Covenant, Faithful Democracy’s statement of principles. Endorsement of the Covenant is a public statement of support for our shared concerns and our democratic mission. By endorsing the Voters Covenant, your organization, house of worship, congregation, or faith-based group 1) agrees to be publicly listed as part of our network and 2) indicates a willingness to engage—as availability and capacity allow—in our collective advocacy efforts to further the mission. Faithful Democracy will not release any statements, press releases, letters or other communications on behalf of endorsers unless they have affirmatively opted-in.

Get Involved

Are you an individual who agrees with the principles of the Voters Covenant? Join the mission by taking action to support a more faithful democracy and by staying informed about coalition activities.